Sunday, August 28, 2011

A state fair food tour

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     A day at the Minnesota State Fair.  Summer wouldn't be complete with out it!  Yesterday was the day for my family.  For us it is all about the food and it is a completely "free" day when it comes to eating.  Do you want ice cream for breakfast?  Fine.  You want to follow that up with a footlong hotdog?  No problem.  You get the idea.  So what I have today is a photo tour of our food highlights.

First stop, the Pronto Pup

The sign does not lie, it is a banquet on a stick

I know, a little piggish.  But oh, so tasty!

Alex stepped out a bit and tried some alligator.  He had the Alligator Saute.  And as you'd expect, it tasted like chicken.

I was a little nervous to try it, but it was actually good

It came with alligator shaped cajun fries.  Isn't that cute?
 Next up?  French fries!

Gotta have fresh cut French fries!
 And next.....Spam curds?

Ok, we didn't actually eat any, but we liked the sign!

The deep fried candy bars are a must have every year.

Sugary sweet goodness!!
Nicole and Kelly's candy bar of choice is the Snickers.  You want one, don't you?
After all that sugar, it was time for something salty.  Deep fried pickles!

It's a variety pack, plain, cajun and cream cheese.  All good!
Dig in!!

The pretzel wrapped hotdog was a highlight.  Skin on hotdog, wrapped with a buttery, good pretzel.
Mmm! So good dipped in mustard.
Enough with the salty, back to sweet.  Deep fried apple pie with cinnamon ice cream.
What's wrong with this?!
Pizza from the Green Mill is always a good choice.
Believe me, it didn't last long!

We topped off our evening with an onion flower while we watched the lumberjack show.
Deep fried goodness!!
After all that, we went home and sprawled on the couch in a total food coma!  A good day at the fair, definitely!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We do the same thing at the Texas state fair. They have all kinds of goodies buffalo chicken in a flapjack, Walking tacos, fried pizza and this year even fried bubblegum (its a marshmallow really). Love your blog! :)