Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Delicious Start to a Great Holiday Weekend!

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      We had a great Labor Day weekend!  Steve, Alex and I left on Thursday and went up to our cabin.  Once we were up there, we had family members and friends coming and going all weekend, so lots of activity, which is always fun.  The weather was not the best, but we had great company and shared some good food!

     On Thursday night, it was just Steve, Alex and me, so we decided to go have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants up north.  It's called Prairie Bay and everything on their menu is delicious.  They make all of their food from scratch and they use local ingredients as much as possible.  On this particular visit, the three of us each had, what was probably, THE BEST meal we have ever had there.

Prairie Bay in Baxter MN

     I decided I was going to try something different.  So I ordered what they call "Baxter Bouillabaise", which I'd never had before.  It is a seafood stew with mussels, shrimp and big chunks of walleye, which is cooked in a saffron orange tomato sauce that was absolutely heavenly!  The sauce had onion, red pepper and chunks of tomato, it was incredibly rich and flavorful.  The dish came with perfectly grilled ciabatta bread to dip in that wonderful sauce.  I ate every last bite!!

     Steve decided he was going to go for the Bacon Braised Shortribs with Grilled Sweet Potatoes.  This was bit of a departure for him since he is not normally a fan of sweet potatoes.  But they were cut in rounds, grilled and then topped with bacon and onions and he had to admit that he actually liked them.  He knew the shortribs would be good.  They take boneless shortribs and slow cook them until they are almost falling apart.  They are moist and perfectly browned.  Not much left on his plate either.

     Alex's meal involved that fabulous ingredient that I've been touting, except this time it wasn't truffle salt but truffle oil.  He ordered a grassfed beef burger that was topped with bacon, swiss, carmalized onions, portabella and black truffle oil.  This was his first experience with the truffle oil and he thought it was fanatastic!  He devoured the burger (ok, he's 16 so not a big surprise), and couldn't stop talking about how good it was.  Some of the oil dripped onto some of his fries, so it was bonus truffle fries, another incredible combination.

     After the meal was over we took a few moments to bask in the deliciousness of it all!

Alex in truffle oil bliss!
     Coming up this week:  Find out what I ended up doing with all of those leftover grilled vegetables I had in my refridgerator.  Also find out how to make my mother-in-laws beef au jus, it's quite delicious!

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