Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Wonderful Dinner at a Wonderful French Restaurant

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      Last night we had dinner in downtown St. Paul at a wonderful French restaurant, Meritage. We don't eat there often, but every time we do, it's amazing.  Last night was no exception, from the first bite to the last, it was fabulous.  I love the atmosphere, as well.  You feel as though you've walked into a bistro in Paris, it's so charming.  Today I want to share some pictures of our wonderful dinner.

It feels so Parisian in this restaurant

This was Steve's first course, a bib lettuce salad with dried apples, forn D' ambert cheese and a cider herb vinaigrette.  He said it was excellent!
My first course was this pumpkin soup.  It was incredible!  It was slightly sweet and had the same spices as pumpkin pie. 

The Friday night special, or "plat du jour" (this is a French restaurant, after all), was this lobster.  We both ordered the same thing.  It was incredibly good, I couldn't get enough of the sauce which was creamy goodness.  As we were sitting there trying to figure out what was in the sauce, the chef happened to come into the dining room and started stopping by tables.  So when he stopped by our table, we asked him what was in the sauce.  He said saffron and vanilla bean and let me tell you, it is a great combination!

After all of that lobster, there was no room left for dessert.  I had just enough room for a cappacino!

Such a wonderful dinner!

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