Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thanksgiving Recap

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      The big day has come and gone and I must say, it was a wonderful celebration.  There were thirteen of us for dinner at our house and boy did we FEAST!  It started with appetizers, which were plentiful and then we moved on to our fabulous turkey feast and ended with coffee and perfect pies.

     In the aftermath, there were multitudes of dishes to be washed and lots of leftovers to be put away.  After the mess was cleaned up, we all stretched out in the family room.  Once our guests had left, out came some of the leftovers for a little late night snack. I'm not sure where we found room for more food, but somehow we managed!

     Here is a little glimpse for you of what our day was like.  I hope your celebrations were all just as wonderful!

Here's the crew we had for the day.

We started with appetizers...lots of appetizers!  This is fried plantains topped with a  mango salsa, cream cheese mixture and lettuce, tomato and avocado.

These are mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, Italian dressing seasoning and onion and then topped with stuffing mix.

This is a Norwegian dish called klub (pronounced kloob).  It's a mixture of  potatoes, flour and thyme.  It's formed into a ball and then boiled.  Once it's been boiled you slice it and fry it in butter.
This is sweet potato bisque with truffle oil

Can you believe we had dinner after all of this?

My parents surprised me with a new apron embroidered with Lisa's Dinnertime Dish.  I thought that was very cool!

That's Alex getting the plates out for appetizers.
Kelly and my Mom

Waiting in anticipation for turkey!

Now on to the main event!

Here's our lovely bird.  It turned out juicy and delicious!

Steve's a master carver.

The gravy and mashed potatoes are all ready to go.

My favorite....stuffing!

Green beans, of course!

Cranberry, jalapeno and cilantro relish fromRich and Sweet
Homemade dinner rolls brought to the table by Nicole

And of course.....the turkey, all sliced up and ready to feast on !

Dinner's ready!!

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